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Programs of Study

Programs of Study | Career Pathways

The State Department of Education offers Programs of Study which fit into several different clusters. If you choose one of these Programs of Study, work with your counselor to choose the Career Cluster most closely related to your career interest and design a course sequence to help you reach your career goals.


Programs of Study are chosen from the 6 categories:

Program of Study (Elective Focus) Categories:

1. Complete 3 courses in the same Career & Technical (CTE) program area OR

2. Earn 3 additional credits from science and math OR

3. Earn 3 additional credits from humanities OR

4. Earn 3 credits from fine art OR

5. Earn 3 additional AP credits OR

6. Earn 3 credits in an area approved by the Anderson County Board of Education

Click on each category to view more details and course descriptions.