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Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures | Registration Policy, Schedule Change Policy, Attendance and keeping credits


Registration Policy

Clinton High School and Anderson County Career and Technical Center have established the policy that, when registering, students are requesting a course, not a specific teacher, time, or place. Alternate courses must be selected in case first-choice courses are too full or cannot fit in the schedule. 

Whenever a first-choice course selection cannot be worked into a student’s schedule, an alternate course will be assigned. Therefore, students must carefully select alternate courses based on areas of personal/career interest. Courses are offered, books and materials are purchased, and teachers are hired based on student course selections made in the spring. It is very important that students maintain a commitment to these course selections. 

Schedule Change Policy

Due to the in-depth registration process, changes in students’ schedules will be minimal. Changes will be made ONLY for the following reasons:

  • You have not met the Prerequisites for a course.

  • Your schedule is incorrect due to middle school/high school staff error. NOTE: These changes must be made as soon as the mistake becomes apparent to the counselor, student, teacher, or parent. 

  • You are scheduled for a teacher with whom you have previously failed a course. The student has the responsibility of informing his/her counselor prior to the applicable deadline.

  • You failed a required course the previous semester. An alternate course will be considered based upon space, availability, and counselor/teacher recommendation.

  • You were placed in a course not listed on your registration as a first choice or alternate selection. This option is open only to students who listed four (4) alternate courses. 

  • ALL course changes for the first semester must be requested prior to the third day of the first semester. All course changes for the second semester must be made during the first semester. NOTE:  It may be necessary to rearrange more than one block to accommodate a schedule change.

Attendance and Keeping Credits

Students in Tennessee are required to attend school until they are 18 years old (TCA 49-6-3007, et seq.).  High school students are required to have 93 percent attendance which means they may be absent from a class no more than 3 times per 9 weeks.  All absences must be verified in writing within 3 days of the absence. Students who are habitually and unlawfully absent from school will be reported to appropriate authorities. See the current Code of Conduct for details on the attendance policy.