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What is Work-Based Learning?
Work-Based Learning (WBL) allows students to participate in paid work experiences, internships, health science clinicals, job shadowing, registered apprenticeships, and school-based enterprise opportunities during the school day for course credit. Opportunities vary, but the goal of WBL is to develop employability skills that will prepare students for success in postsecondary education and/or high demand, high skill careers.
Students who meet the requirements for Work-based learning can be scheduled for a single or double block, and
may earn a maximum of three WBL credits for graduation.

How can a student prepare for Work-Based Learning?
Students can prepare for Work-Based Learning by completing programs of study that are interesting for them, and through career exploration to discover careers they would enjoy. An ideal WBL placement will be in a career field the student is considering, and will allow the student to further develop classroom skills while exploring career options and gaining valuable work experience. Students should talk to the instructor(s) from their Programs of Study, their counselor, and the work-based learning coordinator to plan their experience.

CTE Programs of Study include:

Advanced Manufacturingo Agriculture, Food & Nat Resources Architecture & Construction
Arts, Audio/Video Tech Business Management & Administration
Computer Science/Information Tech Education & Training
Finance Health Science
Hospitality & Tourism Human Services
Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security STEM

What are the requirements to participate in Work-Based Learning?
1. Available for seniors who are on track to meet graduation requirements.
2. Juniors are accepted for Internships and School-Based Enterprise/Projects only.
3. See your counselor or Mrs. Frost Room 102 to get a WBL Intent to Participate Form.
4. Must have excellent attendance (90% or better is required to participate in WBL).
a. Students who have less than 90% attendance may be approved on a probationary basis. If attendance continues to be an issue the student will be dropped from WBL.

5. Have at least a 2.75 GPA and/or an 18 on the ACT.
6. Be recommended by a Program of Study instructor based on:
a. Classroom behavior, participation, and interactions with other students.
b. Competency and responsibility of actions.
c. The ability to positively represent the Clinton High School WBL program.
7. Have completed the Work-Based Learning Intent to Participate Form.
a. The WBL Program Coordinator must give his/her final approval before any student will be allowed to participate in WBL. This is to ensure compliance with State Law and WBL Policy.
b. Forms are available in the counseling office and from the WBL Coordinator in Room 102.
8. Turn the Intent to Participate Form into your counselor or the WBL Coordinator in Room 102 by
April 30 for fall semester and November 30 for spring semester.
a. Students who meet the deadlines will be given TOP PRIORITY. Not every student who qualifies may be able to participate in WBL if the classes are full.

9. The student must have a job secured before the semester they are scheduled for WBL. Contact the program of study instructor or WBL coordinator before classes start for assistance in finding a job.
10. Complete WBL safety training and portfolio assignments throughout the experience.