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Testing Schedule

Posted Date: 11/29/2022

End of Course (EOC) Tests

Thursday, December 1st -- English I Honors and English II EOC 

  • Only tested students attend on this day 

Wednesday, December 7th -- Algebra I Honors, Algebra II, and Geometry EOC

  • Only tested students attend on this day. 

Thursday, December 8th -- Biology EOC (only during 1st block; normal school day)


State Dual Credit (SDC) Tests

Tuesday, November 29th -- SAILS Statistics

Wednesday, November 30th -- Plant Science

Tuesday, December 6th -- US History

Thursday, December 8th -- Pre-calculus


Final Exams

Wednesday, December 14th -- 1st and 2nd Block Final Exams

Thursday, December 15th -- 3rd and 4th Block Final Exams

Friday, December 16th -- All make-ups

Students will be allowed to check out after their last final of that day when the scheduled final time is complete (not before) if their parents filled out the early checkout form or the student brings in a note, Students will need to make sure they sign out before they leave.