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Wall of Fame

Founded in 2003 – 2004 to celebrate the 100th birthday of Clinton High School, the Wall of Fame is designed to recognize alumni for extraordinary and/or lifelong achievement in their field of endeavor, and/or significant contributions through achievement, service, or leadership to the global community. Individuals who have made significant contributions to Clinton High School, but who did not graduate from Clinton High School, also can be inducted. All honorees will be chosen by a selection committee.


Click here to nominate someone for induction into the Clinton High School Wall of Fame.


Clinton High School Wall of Fame Inductees

2004  Margaret Anderson

          William (Bill) Driskill

          Larry Gann

          Jerry Shattuck


2005  Bobby Cain

          Robert (Bob) Jameson

          Larry Seivers


2006  Elizabeth (Liz) Cobb

          Gail Cook

          Alvin Taylor


2007  D.J. Brittain

          Ronnie Kreis

          Gail Ann Epps Upton


2008  Paul Bostic

          Dr. James Boulware

          Dr. Lana Seivers


2009  Rep. Jim Hackworth

          Gene Owens

          Rev. Terry Moore


2010  Nancy Yarnell Foster

          David A. Smith

          Charles (Terry) Webber

          Special Ceremony:  Induction of remaining members of the Clinton 12 (Cain & Upton already inducted):

          JoAnn Crozier Allen Boyce                           Alvah McSwain              

          Anna Theresser Caswell                                Regina Turner Smith

          Ronald Gordon (Poochie) Hayden                 Maurice Soles

          Minnie Ann Dickey Jones                             Robert Thacker

          William R. Lathem                                        Alfred Williams


2011  Freddy Fagan

          Charlie Lyons

          Charles McRae

          Ray Oliver


2012  Ronnie Jeffers                 

          Jeff Kidwell


2013  Special 10th Anniversary Family Inductions:

          Fox Family

          Hammer Family

          Hoskins Family     

          Ridenour Family


2014  Kathleen Benedict

          John Byrd

          Thomas Underwood

          Perry Ward


2015  Tony Hale   

          Fred Holtzclaw     

          Dr. Tim Powers    

          Joe Ben Wilson


2016  DeWayne Emert   

          Ann Gann   

          C.W. Mays, Jr.

          Jim Ern Medley


2017  Stanley Barnes

          Margaret Calhoun 

          Doug Davis

          Rep. & Sen. James (Buzz) Elkins       

          Ron Kirksey


2018  Russell Fritts

          James McGinley

          Robert Ball McGinley

          Charles (Bones) Seivers


2019  Paul (Jenks) Bostic, Jr.

          Susan Fowler

          W.D. Human        

          William (Bear) Stephenson


2020  No inductees due to Covid-19 pandemic


2021  Cathy Brown

          Dr. Debra Gray King

          Dr. Randall Robbins

          Terry Turner


2022  Joe Hollingsworth, Jr.

          Dr. Christopher Ramsey

          Dr. and Mrs. Dan Thomas and Family


2023  Norman Eskridge

          Tom Heffern

          Rick Meredith

          Dr. Bill Owens